"My heart needs rhythm, my mind needs harmony and my soul needs colour"

Unconditional lover of nature. Passionate about colors. Fascinated by textures, details, shapes and beauty. Such is Catalina Estrada, Colombian illustrator based in Barcelona since 1999 who has managed to reinterpret the Latin American folklore with its original strength to make it bloom in deep harmony and simplicity. Her impressive and cheerful visual language, infectiously optimistic, with thousands of colors, and with all the power of nature, goes beyond borders.

Flora and fauna are Catalina’s main source of inspiration from where she builds her own universe based on the simplicity of beauty. In her personal vision of a tamed nature, an array of characters wander around fascinating worlds. Her work is cheerful, bright, emotive and full of love. Delicate and elegant images which communicate from within colors. Her work is exciting and provokes happiness.

Her multiple designs in thousands of colors and her chromatic technique links Catalina’s name to clients such as Paul Smith, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Camper, Nike, Levis, Smart / Mercedes Benz, Paulo Coelho, Unicef, the municipalities of Barcelona and London, and the Government of India, among others. Catalina Estrada’s products make up a brand that captivates Europe and the entire world through a distinctive style present in numerous collections in various formats, including wall paper, bed linen, cushions, handbags and travel goods, umbrellas, school products, and many others.

“This is optical complexity raised to the level of virtuosity. Careful attention to symmetric detail gives Catalina Estrada’s tableaux the shock and awe factor that can hold the eye for hours.”